Remote Sensing/GIS
Satellite Image Sales/Distribution
Land Cover Mapping
Change Detection Analysis
Fire Regime Condition Class Mapping
Forest Type Mapping
Wetlands Mapping
Vegetation Inventory/Field Data Collection
User Needs Assessment
Project Design
Project Team Coordination and Management
Image Processing/Classification Software
(ERDAS Imagine)
Remote Sensing/GIS Integration Workshops
Change Detection Analysis Workshops
Field Data Collection for Digital Image Classification
More About Consulting
Spatial Solutions, Inc. is uniquely qualified to provide strong comprehensive interdisciplinary team building, coordination, and management expertise when more than technical mapping resources are required.  Over 15 years of experience in the remote sensing/GIS industry has afforded Spatial Solutions, Inc. the opportunity to develop extensive professional relationships with a wide variety of remote sensing, GIS, and natural resource firms throughout the US.

More About Training
Spatial Solutions, Inc. believes strongly in the value and effectiveness of individualized, application-specific training in the remote sensing technologies.  From one-hour presentations to multiple day training sessions, Spatial Solutions, Inc. draws on more that a decade of direct project design and application experience to customize a training package specific to your needs and desires.  Using client data either on-site or at Spatial Solutions’ facilities, Spatial Solutions will provide your organization personnel with the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to complete your projects, not some canned demo data or application.

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