The selection of appropriate spatial imagery data is critical to the success of a spatial analysis project.  Image characteristics such as spatial resolution, spectral resolution, temporal resolution, image extent, and image cost must all be carefully considered and evaluated in order to insure that the selected imagery will meet your specific project needs and expectations.

Spatial Solutions is firmly committed to providing clients access to the specific spatial image data set(s) that best fit their particular application(s).  Rather than being obligated to a single image provider, Spatial Solutions is a certified distributor of a wide variety of digital imagery products including those captured and provided by DigitalGlobe Corporation, GeoEye, Inc. and SPOT Image Corporation.  We provide the expertise and experience required to assist you in conducting an Imagery Needs Assessment (INA) free of charge to best match the imagery data set to your desired application.  E-mail us your project specifications at to initiate your imagery needs assessment.


The following is a partial list of satellite imagery products available through Spatial Solutions, Inc.


    • 50cm Panchromatic
    • 2.0m Multi-spectral (blue-edge, blue, green, red, yellow, red-edge, near-IR1, near-IR2)
    • 50cm PanSharpened Multi-spectral


    • 50cm Panchromatic
    • 2.0m Multi-spectral (blue, green, red, near-IR)
    • 0cm PanSharpened Multi-spectral

    Pleiades1 & 2

    • 50cm Panchromatic
    • 2.0m Multi-spectral (blue, green, red, near-IR)
    • 50cm PanSharpened Multi-spectral


    • 60cm Panchromatic
    • 2.4m Multi-spectral (blue, green, red, near-IR)
    • 60cm PanSharpened Multi-spectral


    • 1m Panchromatic
    • 4.0m Multi-spectral (blue, green, red, near-IR)
    • 1m PanSharpened Multi-spectral


    • 5.0m Multi-spectral (blue, green, red, red-edge, near-IR)
    • Daily revisit capabilities


    • 50cm Panchromatic



    In addition to satellite imagery acquisition, Spatial Solutions works directly with clients in the design and acquisition process of digital and analog aerial imagery including the following:

    Airborne Data Acquisition and Registration (ADAR)



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